It started in 1967 in Phillipsburg, Kansas with one man, a pickup, a welder and First National Bank and Trust.  Cliff Van Kooten’s goal was to put his trade to use in the agricultural industry.  Little did he know that one day he would create equipment that would forever change efficiency and safety for farmers across the country.

Cliff’s Welding Service accomplished that feat in 1989 by designing and building the Pride of the Prairie, a self-unloading double-wide hay bale trailer.  The first of its kind, the trailer became popular for its ability to haul double the load of a traditional trailer.  Cliff’s continued to improve on the original design throughout the years.  To ensure the safety of the haul all Cliff trailers feature a positive latching system with no hydraulics, chains or motors, a design that was created and patented by the company in the 90s.

Five different Pride of the Prairie models are sold today by 70 dealers from the Gulf Coast to Canada, Portland to Virginia.